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Art By Mia NewZ

Arts By Mia NewZ. This section will include a copy of the NewZ Letter and updates on art exhibits, poetry readings, artist opportunities, art discounts, social media, quotes, journal entries, local happenings and so much more.

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Goddess Night Out!

Hello Lovies, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It’s 2019 and the beginning of a New Year, and the year of the pig according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar! and the Pig is all kinds of abundant goodness. The Pig is the twelfth of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would… read more

Celebrate HeRevolution

Hello Lovies,   It’s March and one of my favorite months of the year… It’s the month that the WORLD is celebrating HeRevolution, Woman, Women, Her, She.. yes… The GODDESS!   I will be writing and sharing about the Evolution of the HER, the beautiful REVOLUTION of HER throughout the month. I do so because… read more

In a Fumble… RECOVER

Blessings Lovies,   This email topic will be odd for me to send, and maybe out of  many yard lines but inspired by sports… yes, i said sports and if you know anything about me… I am not well versed in sports except Boxing, Thanks to my Dad! ( a gift i can appreciate from… read more


Hello Lovies,   It’s the month of LOVE so how about treating yourself to some SELF-LOVE with a unique holistic private session with Mia focusing on energy, balance, gentle touch, cleansing, opening, clearing, relaxing, and releasing. LET GO of what no longer serves your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT!   Have you ever had a Shamanic… read more

The month of LOVE

HAPPY LOVE MONTH MY LOVIES!!!   LOVE    LOVE    LOVE     With so much going on, with so much movement, with so many changes, pulls, tugs, pushes, shifts and broken promises, we need to DIG DEEP WITHIN OUR HEARTS and find a place of LOVE, a place of HEALING, a place of COMFORT.… read more

Happy New Year – WE made it to 2017

HAPPY    NEW    YEAR   TO   ALL…..   We made it through 2016. Let’s reflect on what we have experienced from it, the blessings that we received, the lessons we learned, and the junk we will leave behind!!!   I hope everyone had a smooth and relaxing transition to a new year. I… read more


Blessings to YOU,   I would like to THANK YOU for all your support, love, guidance, inspiration, leadership and trust. It is with YOU that I can move forward with the work i do and the vision of expanding and growing. My mission every year has been to reach, grow, share, inspire and learn, and… read more



Drumming for Peace, Unity, and Healing in NYC

DRUMMING AND RATTLES FOR PEACE AND HEALING   It is said that…. music calms the savaged beast….   They say…. music is therapy….   They say…. music heals….   AND I BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY… IT’S THE VIBRATION THAT TOUCHES THE SOUL AND SETS IT FREE.   SO JOIN ME IN THIS CIRCLE OF PEACE,… read more

Identify your feathers

One of my Spirit Animals is definitely a bird. I am constantly finding feathers in my path. Feathers in all colors, shapes and sizes. I am gifted feathers from friends and associates and love each and every one of them. They show up very randomly but always with a message. I know that Spirit sends… read more


I would like to wish you, your family and friends a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Holiday Season!!! May you be filled with Joy, Light, Abundance, and Lots of Love. May your days be of Creative Exploration, and your nights of Imaginative Dreaming!!! I want to THANK YOU for all your support and inspiration this… read more


Hello Lovies, This year has been one of wonder, surprise, changes, loss, grief, joy, growth, amazement, abundance, blessings, light, darkness, discovery, new friends, old friends, love, new kitties, and so much more AND I WELCOME EVERY DROP OF IT!!! without the movement of life it would be STAGNANT waters…. YUK! give me the waves to… read more

A Yummy Holiday Thank You from Art By Mia

Hello My Creative Lovies, Grate-ful 1. Appreciative of benefits received; thankful.   Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. A note from Art By Mia to YOU during this Holiday of Thanks and Giving!!!         I would like to… read more

Art is critical for educating the whole child

 When kids learn art, they think, they discover, they thrive! Art teaches creativity and critical thinking. Children who learn through art do better in all areas. We know that “art,” understood as spontaneous creative play, is what young children naturally do—singing, dancing, drawing, and role-playing. We also know that the arts engage all the senses… read more

Women’s History Month Artists Create Change poster contest

  I am honored to be one of the submitting artists for the Women’s History Month Artists Create Change poster contest, a global movement for gender equality! The artwork is now viewable in the WHM Artist Challenge 2013 photo album on The Women Worldwide Initiative’s Facebook Page. Voting is now open on Facebook! From March 25 – 30,… read more

Art By Mia making NewZ

Happy international Women’s Day!!!   As we gather across the world celebrating, showcasing and sharing the wonderful and amazing things women are doing to change, shift and empower this world i would like to acknowledge the inspiring women in my life. Thank you to my Mother, Grandmother’s, Sister Loves, and Daughter for your support, love… read more

Art By Mia on Bronxnet TV – the OPEN SHOW with Rhina Valentin

Art By Mia on BronxNet Television…   Time to celebrate and get OPEN with Rhina Valentin on Bronxnet TV. I have been invited to the Friday OPEN Show with Host Rhina Valentin also known as La Reina del Barrio. We will be discussing the opening of STRAIGHT SHOOTIN’ MAMAS a photo exhibit showcasing the creative… read more


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   February 27, 2013   ALL Female photography exhibit, from Her-Story to History one SNAP at a TIME.   New York, NY     Artist and Curator Mia Roman from “Art By Mia” strikes again and this time it’s with a large lens documenting“Women at Work”globally!!   Featuring work by: Michelly Garcia… read more

Mia teaches at the Leroy Neiman Arts Center in Harlem

  Art By Mia will be teaching at the Leroy Neiman Arts Center in Harlem on February 23, 2013.   Children will explore hand beaded jewelry and crafts made by the women of the Umoja Uaso Women’s Group in northern Kenya, Africa. They will learn about the rich history, tradition, culture, and color significance of the art… read more

A Drop of LOVE from Mia

YOU ARE LOVE!!!     Valentine’s Day is such a joy when you are in a great and loving relationship. I love the flowers, candle light dinners, and loving gifts. However it can be downright depressing when we find ourselves alone on this day. What if this Valentine’s Day we fell in love with the… read more

Art By Mia PRESS RELEASE February 9th, 2013

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   February 5, 2013   A NuyoRican Artist Celebrating her Creative Spirit.   New York City, NY   Mia Roman a NuyoRican Multi-Talented Artist announces today that she will be represented by The Art Place Wynwood Gallery in Miami Beach Fl. as a Founding CO-OP Artist, and will be mentored by… read more

Art by Mia NewZ February 2013

    Hello Creative Lovies,   Can you believe we are already in the 2nd month of the new year? I feel like time runs so quickly through my fingers, holding on tight to the drops like memories to my soul. I let it flow, set it free, and allow it to grow forever being… read more

January 2013 Art News By Mia


December 2012 Art By Mia News Letter

Greetings my Lovely Creative Creatures…. We here at Art By Mia want to say THANK YOU!!! Thank you for being so supportive, inspiring and encouraging. It is with your support that we are able to grow stronger, rooted, and build bigger and better one day at a time. I appreciate you and all that you… read more

Its a Family Afffair at the 2012 Miami Beach Art Basel

                                                        HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!               IT’S A FAMILY AFFAIR!!! Mother, Daughter and Son Artists (Nadja Troche~ Art By Mia ~ Fernando Roman) to be showcased in the Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 event of the YEAR!! The family trio of Artists bring a NuyoRican flare like no other. Living life on the Creative side of town is… read more


HOT OFF THE PRESS!!! ART BY MIA IS SMOKIN HOT!!! Art By Mia and Nadja Troche… Mother and Daughter Artists to be Showcased at Art Basel Miami Beach 2012. From December 6 through 9, Miami Beach, Florida, will host the 11th edition of Art Basel, the most prestigious art show in the Americas. More than… read more


Hello Creative Lovies,   As we gather around the world for a time of reflection and gratitude I would like to THANK YOU. Thank you for allowing me into your homes, lives, hearts and souls. By supporting and trusting me, and my creativity you have given me the freedom to grow, learn, explore and discover my potential. There are… read more

Art By Mia in WE Magazine for Women

Hello Creative Creatures, The long awaited and anticipated magazine for women is out and I am honored to be a part of this powerful Fall 2012 issue of WE Magazine the Success Alchemy for Women. A project that has been a true labor of transformation and reflection. I share with you Transformational art, poetry, affirmations,… read more

Art By Mia October 2012 NewZletter

 Hello Creative Creatures!! October comes jam packed with Awareness, Celebration, Tradition and History…. In October we celebrate Halloween, observe  Hispanic Heritage Culture, we raise awareness for Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence and Bullying. Through the Arts we have been able to bring awareness, educate, inform and inspire many in just some of these areas.   October has… read more

Art By Mia September newsletter… QUE PASA!!

  Hello my Creative Creatures As we shift from once season to the next, it’s like shedding old skin and growing a new layer. It’s new growth, a new beginning, fresh start and a new day. Although I will miss the summer I am grateful for this coming season. The Fall is Mother Nature’s canvas of color… read more

Art By Mia Partners with Sofrito For Your Soul

 Good day Creative Creatures A quick note from Art By Mia and update. I am pleased to announce that Art By Mia has partnered with Sofrito For Your Soul. It is a true honor to work with such a great organization. Together with other like minded companies, people, organizations and communities around the world we… read more

Writings and Art by Mia Roman feartured in Twenty Poets in Ten Days

Veinte Poetas en diez dias comparten sus poemas inspirados en el tema de esta tercera edicion “RAICES”. I am honored to have my work chosen to be featured as one of the twenty Poets/Artists showcased in the Third Edition of Twenty Poets in Ten Days. This year the theme is “ROOTS”.  Poets from all walks… read more

Book Illustrations by Mia 2012

Transitions of a Nuyorican Cinderella.. By Maria Aponte.. Illustrations By Mia Roman (Art By Mia)   I had the honor of being the cover designer and book illustrator for the wonderful Author Maria Aponte. This book “Transitions of a Nuyorican Cinderella” speaks of family, love, loss, celebration and spirituality from East Harlem to the Bronx. Growing… read more

Mia is chosen as Artist of the Month by My Spotlight Gallery Art

Mia named Artist of the Month by My Spotlight Gallery Art is a moment to celebrate and be inspired. Get to know Mia on the Spotlight… Where is she from, what is her inspiration and where she has traveled are just some of the insights you will find in this wonderful Artist showcase. follow the link… read more

Women’s History Month with Art By Mia

 In recognition of March Women’s History Month we celebrate the accomplishments of the Female Creative Soul. Sabor Feminina– Feminine Flavor Art Exhibit Drop by the opening reception on March 9th, 2012 to meet and chat with wonderful, full Spirited, Creative Female Artists and be inspired. Sabor Feminina ~ Feminine Flavor… An Art Exhibit showcasing Creative… read more

February 2012 Guided Meditation and Intuitive Arts workshop with Mia

 Two Enlightening Guided Meditation Workshops with Mia…..                 Artist, Certified Reiki Practitioner & Workshop Facilitator. Meditation is the tongue of the Soul and the language of our Spirit ~ Jeremy Taylor February 11, 2012 ~ 1:30-3P ~ 1st Workshop (MUST EMAIL TO RESERVE A SPACE) Small intimate group sessions with limited seating, so best to… read more

February’s Love and Creativity with Art By Mia

 Happy New Year!!! Here we are sharing another year together. Growing creatively and being inspired by all the wonderful things this Universe has to offer. I can’t believe that the first month is almost over…. I know that 2012 will be a powerfully inspired creative year filled with abundance and treasures. A year to plant… read more

Art by Mia says…Lo viejo pa’ fuera, lo nuevo pa’ encima!

Here at Art By Mia We keep the traditions going thru January! A New Year’s Puerto Rican style gathering is simmering at La Casa de Mia…. Shoe box making for Dia de Reyes and so much more!!! We would like to invite you to join us in our traditional holiday festivities while wishing you and… read more


 Don’t get the Winter Blues!!! A PUERTO RICAN STYLE CHRISTMAS AWAITS YOU…..  Art By Mia honored to be a part of LP21’s annual Fiesta Navideña. Come enjoy music, shopping from the finest artesanos /artists in the pueblo, food and so much more. Cuando? When? SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18 2011, 3:00 PM  Los Pleneros de la 21… read more


FREE SHIPPING Today Only!!! Art By Mia is hosting CYBER MONDAY with FREE SHIPPING on ALL Domestic online orders. Use COUPON CODE CYBMON2011 AT CHECKOUT.   This is the perfect opportunity to shop completely relaxed in your comfies and fluffies, with a cup of tea or coffee, avoiding a mall rush, stampede or traffic jam. Purchase… read more

The Creative Goddess Blogs

 A Goddess with a Loaded Brush by Mia.   “Creating makes my Spirit Fly”  !!!!…   Everyone is born an Artist… Art Heals… Art Inspires   Creativity makes your spirituality Bloom, Flourish, Glow, Transform. Join The Creative Goddess on a journey of inspiration, wisdom, awareness, fun, tutorials and so much more. Follow the blog, join,… read more

Art By Mia at Latin Roots East Harlem

 ~ BE THE CANVAS!! BE A WALKING PIECE OF ART!!! Art by Mia As Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations approach many are looking to celebrate in style… what better way than to have a custom art piece done on your face or body? Art by Mia taking appointments for Calavera / Skull /… read more

Mia joins Hope for a Healthier Humanity

Art By Mia is honored to join forces with Hope for a Healthier Humanity in building a stronger and healthier world. Hope for a Healthier Humanity Linking Hands – Working Together – Building a Healthier World   HHH is working with U.S. and Honduran partners to begin a water improvement project in Divina Providencia, outside… read more

Mia joins Follow That Girl at the Alzheimers Assoc. Fundraiser

Artwork by Mia Roman … Donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Santiago Ramos   Follow That Girl to Cinderella’s Night Out A fundraising event for Alzheimer’s  NEW YORK CITY (September 23, 2011) Follow That Girl, the New York based empowerment social network for professional women with a social conscience,… read more

Art by Mia November 2011 Newsletter

Art by Mia in Holland….  Holland Exquisite Corpse Art collaboration with Leo Roman in the Netherlands. Top half is by Mia Roman Hernandez (US) and bottom half is by Leo Roman (NL)…. There are no Borders when it comes to Art… There is nothing or no-one that can stand in the way… Free yourself and create… read more

A new Partnership with VOW-TV Voices of Women Worldwide

Proud to announce a new partnership between Art By Mia – Chamaca Arts and VOW-TV’s Voices Of Women Worldwide. We are joining voices for the countless voiceless women, young girls and children around the world utilizing media and the web.  In partnership we work towards building a stronger voice on a global level.  It is… read more

Art By Mia Fall 2011 NewZ Letter

BREAKING NEWS!!! ART BY MIA is certified in REIKI… WEPA! Yes, Mia is certified to conduct hands on Reiki sessions…. A dream of mine has been to use Art & Alternative techniques to reduce stress, assist in improving health and enhance the quality of the life around me. How good does it feel when you’re… read more

The Goddess is Coming

  The GODDESS is coming to a town near YOU.   Art By Mia will be exhibiting a small sample of some of her Goddess Art Works. The Art exhibition is a celebration of the Divine Feminine. It will be a multi media show of Sacred Paths, A journey of Culture, Spirit & Mythology. View inspirational art… read more

Art by Mia and her Goddess Art in the news May 2011

We celebrate the month of May with Rebirth, Magic, Healing, Growth, Art and Celebrations of all kinds. The month of May is strongly associated with Women, Warriors and the Goddess. This month in particular is very inspiring to me, as I walk into the day with an open mind I see the colors shine under… read more

Women in the World Summit 2011

Art by Mia will be attending a pioneering gathering of female leaders at the second annual Women in the World Stories and Solutions summit 2011 in NYC. This Thursday, March 10th, The Daily Beast and Newsweek will blast off the second annual Women in the World Stories and Solutions summit, where extraordinary leaders from every… read more

Latina Art blog By Mia February 2011

Art By Mia NewZ Letter February 2011 …. making NewZ … Sheckitout!!! What’s going on & What are we up to? ….. We celebrate 2011 with New Beginnings, Rebirth, Magic, Healing, Growth, Art and Celebrations of all kinds. As we enter a new year there is change and an opportunity for growth. The winter has… read more

Art By Mia Holiday NewZ Letter December 2010

Hello and Happy Holidays to All, As 2010 comes to a close I am thankful for all of your support and inspiration. There is not one event, concert, exhibit, poetry reading, performance, artisan fair, workshop or lecture that stands out more than the other. What I can say is that this year was filled with… read more

Latina Art Blog October 2010 NewZ Letter….

Art By Mia NewZ Letter October 2010 ….What’s going on & What are we up to? We celebrate the Fall with a New Season of Rebirth, Magic, Healing, Growth, Art and Celebrations of all kinds. As we enter a new season there is change. The leaves gently change color, warmly blushing into fall and giving… read more

Art By Mia in the NewZ letter… July 2010

  Art By Mia NewZ… July 2010 – What’s going on & What’s up in July? We start the month with the commemoration of Frida Kahlo’s birthday. Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón, as her name appears on her birth certificate was born on July 6, 1907 in her parents’ house, known as La Casa Azul… read more

Art By Mia NewZ Letter May 2010

Art By Mia NewZ… May 2010 – What’s going on & What am I up to? We celebrate the month of May with Rebirth, Magic, Healing, Growth, Art and Celebrations of all kinds. The month of May is strongly associated with Women, Warriors and the Goddess. This month in particular is very inspiring to me,… read more

Art By Mia NewZ March 2010 – What am I up to?

 March is Women’s History Month…. I will commemorate the month of March by dedicating it to all the women that inspire me, the women that made and continue to make history, the movers and shakers of today and tomorrow…  March Events: March 12th, 2010 “ FEMICIDE” Art exhibit curated and hosted by Mia Roman. Over… read more