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Art By Mia September newsletter… QUE PASA!!

by Mia Roman in Art By Mia NewZ


Hello my Creative Creatures

As we shift from once season to the next, it’s like shedding old skin and growing a new layer. It’s new growth, a new beginning, fresh start and a new day. Although I will miss the summer I am grateful for this coming season. The Fall is Mother Nature’s canvas of color and explosion. The changing colors of Autumn is inspiring, changing shapes and moods of sky and nature is a welcoming art piece that only Mother Nature can provide. It’s a beautiful collaboration of nature and universe providing us with inspiration to grow, explore and contribute to the beauty.

I am listening and going with the flow of that beauty and inspiration. I have a growing bundle of new projects, classes, workshops, exhibits, events and online inspirational segments designed to inspire you to create freely and be all that you can.  

This newsletter gives you a brief description and calendar of what is splashing in Mia Town, for more info feel free to contact me directly via email, facebook or twitter.


CLASS IS IN SESSION WITH MIA… Creativity / Art Classes with Mia begin in November and will be a list that you won’t want to miss. November 7, 14, 21, 28 & December 5, 12, 19… There will be youth classes, adult classes and open beginner painting classes for all ages. Sneak peek of the calendar is… Klimt inspired painting and mixed media for beginners, Frida Kahlo Art doll class IS BAAAACCCKKK!!! For the youth we have Reyes Magos art boxes, Keith Haring inspired art, open classes for all ages and beginners will include Van Gogh and Kandinsky inspired art, Vejigante mask making and more. Don’t miss a class… Art By Mia will be giving away one scholarship for each class based on merit, need, nomination etc. I will also have a loyalty art class card which means you can EARN FREE CLASSES!!!  So stay tuned to the Art By Mia channel for updates. You can also view some of our children’s art class videos on youtube (Artbymia1).


Honored to be a part of the following EXHIBITIONS & PUBLICATIONS:

Art By Mia will be exhibited at the ….AZUCAR  Art show…. Richmond, Virginia will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage with an art exhibit, music and dance performances and so much more. This wonderful show is curated by Helene Ruiz and taking place at the Art6 Gallery. Opens October 5th and will be on exhibit for the duration of the month. A true privilege to be one of the many talented artists to have work exhibited.

Art By Mia celebrates Hispanic Heritage month in Florida… and it’s burning the roof off the beach gazebo. Hispanic Heritage Month Group Exhibition 2012 in Ft Lauderdale, Florida is curated by the wonderful Puerto Rican Artist Elizabeth Baez and will be on exhibit for the general public from September through November.


Honored and blessed to be published in the Fall 2012 Supplement of WE Magazine for Women.. The Success Alchemy flip-page magazine.

Art segment By Mia Roman….This is a magazine for spiritual, creative women who seek authentic success. They are out-of-the-box and unique and seek their own way of getting there. There will be authors, experts, healers, artists and other women seeking a path to live their purpose. The idea is to take them through a transformation journey that inspires and motivates them to step into their dream right now, no more wait, procrastination or perfectionism.

This is no ordinary magazine.

The stories in these flippable, clickable pages will take you into a magical journey of transformation. This journey lifts up your energy frequency. It opens windows of revelations and insights. Success Alchemy reveals the soft, feminine, spiritual, creative, invisible and powerful foundation of success. This beautiful magazine has fabulous photos, female art and the inspiring stories of 21 experts who take you into a journey of transformation that will launch your out-of-the-box success.

Join in the COUNT DOWN to the exciting launch of the fabulous Success Alchemy Magazine, published by WE Magazine for Women and designed by artist-shaman Maria Mar

Launching: October 9, 2012
Here’s the link for the FB event:

COLLABORATIONS…. Building beautiful partnerships….

Art By Mia has partnered with Sofrito For Your Soul….. Founded in 1997, Sofrito For Your Soul is an online magazine that promotes the evolution of Latino culture in the United States. Our mission is to share the spirit of our heritage through art, fashion, music, dance, traditions and emerging trends. We strive to offer Latinos a chance to reconnect with their heritage and extend an invitation to other cultures to experience the beauty of everything we have to offer. Please check them out and browse the website at


Art by Mia has been given a unique opportunity to create works for a powerful theatrical performance by Actor Playwright Rock Wilk titled BROKE WIDE OPEN. The BROKE WIDE OPEN Logo, poster and playbill with the direction of Rock Wilk are the works of Mia Roman. My very first theater production collaboration has been fun and a great learning experience. For more on the show, to get tickets or to become a sponsor, go to … Opens October 6, 2012 hope to see you at opening night and gala dinner party.

A theatrical love letter to his hometown, New York City, and the story of his adoption, his fostering, and his complex search for his biological mother. Produced by Alexis Marnel and Artists Collective for Social Change, Directed by Stephen Bishop Seely


Recommended Sites by Mia… entrepreneurs on the move and they are WOMEN CHANGING THE WORLD!
BOO’S BAKES……. Boo’s kitchen is full of delicious cupcakes, cookies and treats specializing in Latino flavors. Great for every day, and every occasion from the family dinner table to a special celebration Boo has it covered. You can find BOO’S BAKES on Facebook and Twitter so SHECKITOUT people and make your day sweeter with BOO!


Flaco Coquito…The Healthier Coquito…

“The evolution of all our traditional foods and drinks are inevitable especially with so many 

different illnesses that affect our community; particularly cancer. Flaco Coquito wants to be a part of that change providing low sugar, low fat and vegan options, it was born from tradition but enjoyed in a lighter and healthier way.”