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Art By Mia in WE Magazine for Women

by Mia Roman in Art By Mia NewZ

Hello Creative Creatures,

The long awaited and anticipated magazine for women is out and I am honored to be a part of this powerful Fall 2012 issue of WE Magazine the Success Alchemy for Women. A project that has been a true labor of transformation and reflection. I share with you Transformational art, poetry, affirmations, freebies and so much more.

In this issue, I am sharing with you SPECIAL SECTION C: where you will find …. ME!!!!… 
Awaken your Goddess Creatress … Set the Creative Goddess Free and discover the light and power within.

“Creativity is about loving yourself just as you are and allowing yourself to express yourself as you are meant to, without shame or judgment. Spread your wings, feel the wind beneath them and fly, soar, explore and discover all that is YOU!” ~ Mia


Living your purpose and manifesting your dream is hard work and sometimes it all seems uphill.  On top of that, if you are working towards a success that is authentic and expresses your essence, you may often feel that you are swimming against a tide of success formulas that drag you in the opposite direction to your heart’s deepest desire.


But with this gift I have for you, you will feel a wave of higher vibrations and support sweeping you into your dream. You will get a rush of energy, inspiring stories and a toolbox of resources to move towards success guided by the wisdom of your heart.


You see, I have been working on a secret project to boost your dream energy, strengthen your success mindset and fill your purpose backpack with a ton of tools to get you going… today!


Curious enough to click now? Here’s the link:


There’s nothing to sign for or buy. This is FREE, FUN and FABULOUS.

Take a break and feed your dream right now.

 Here’s the scoop:

 Top female experts come together to reveal the Success Alchemy they used to go from weird and weary, overworked and underpaid to become out-of-the-box successes and trailblazing leaders.

 Enjoy their stories and secrets in this artful Success Alchemy Fall 2012 Supplement, a gorgeous flip-page magazine published by WE Magazine for Women and created by artist-shaman Maria Mar. Check it out at:


This magazine is for you if:


 ·         You are a woman


 ·         You are spiritual


 ·         You are creative


 ·         You are out-of-the-box


 ·         You are a spiritpreneur, a fempreneur, an artpreneur


 ·         You are a transformation expert


 ·         You are seeking to show your WOW


 ·         You want to do it YOUR way


 ·         You want to achieve Authentic Success


 ·         You love success stories


 ·         You want great resources to live your purpose or create your dream in your life now.


When you browse the pages of this “glossy” magazine you will feel that you are holding a regular, top notch magazine in your hands.


But make no mistake. This is no ordinary magazine.


The stories in these flippable, clickable pages will take you into a magical journey of transformation. This journey lifts up your energy frequency. It opens powerful insights into the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine in your own heart.


Touch the underbelly of success. Success Alchemy reveals the soft, feminine, spiritual, creative, invisible yet powerful foundation of success.


This beautiful magazine has fabulous photos, female art and poetry and the inspiring stories of 20 experts who take you into a journey of transformation that will launch your out-of-the-box success.


That’s not all. Each expert is gifting you with a free resource to jumpstart your success!


We also have fun online events, including:


 ·         A sweepstake for all those who subscribe. When you subscribe, you are automatically entered to win great prizes.


 ·         A bag of goodies for everyone who subscribes to WE Magazine for Women!


 ·         A Pinterest Party with Quotes and Tips featuring each expert.


Intrigued? Give yourself a coffee/tea break now and enjoy this magazine here


Don’t miss this inspiring, uplifting and tool-packed visual journey. This is a banquet for those who want to launch their own out-of-the-box success!


Spread your wings and fly!!!


Mia signing off as….. Your Friendly Goddess with a Loaded Paint Brush


PS. This will be the best online reading you’ve done in a long time. Don’t hear it from others. Read it first and let your friends know.


Art By Mia ~ Art is Life live it Creatively