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A new Partnership with VOW-TV Voices of Women Worldwide

by Mia Roman in Art By Mia NewZ

Proud to announce a new partnership between Art By Mia – Chamaca Arts and VOW-TV’s Voices Of Women Worldwide. We are joining voices for the countless voiceless women, young girls and children around the world utilizing media and the web.  In partnership we work towards building a stronger voice on a global level.  It is with mutual success in our ventures, where we can share a wonderful journey of inspiration, energy and love for those whom we serve.


As the Chamaca Arts family grows we will document our journey through print, audio and video WebTVs over the Internet, photos, blogs and events. We work in partnership to promote our mutual missions and goals.


As we join forces in networking on gender empowerment of women, young girls and children we will touch on subjects such as children and women’s rights, politics, global concerns, the importance of creative arts and free expression, health, sustainability, culture, music, spirituality, healing and so much more. Join us and follow our calendar for updates on workshops, lectures, tutorials, news and more. Promoting, educating, exposing and bringing awareness to issues while using the creative arts is what Chamaca Arts does best. Share in a poetic verse, song, painting or travel project to promote women empowerment. Join us in this Hervolution and sign our guest book, bookmark us and share the links below. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you invest in Girls and Women.


Chamaca Arts coming to a town near you!!!


Thank you for taking the time to listen to the Chamaca Arts heart song and mission of peace and unity ONE VOICE AT A TIME. We hope to hear from you soon and welcome your suggestions.
Should you be interested in recieving news from Chamaca Arts simply reply with a yes or add your contact info on our contact form on

Please visit the sites below…. It is with your support that we move forward and your love that we are inspired.


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