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Identify your feathers

by Mia Roman in Art By Mia NewZ
One of my Spirit Animals is definitely a bird. I am constantly finding feathers in my path. Feathers in all colors, shapes and sizes. I am gifted feathers from friends and associates and love each and every one of them. They show up very randomly but always with a message. I know that Spirit sends them my way. I collect them, add them to my altars, tie them to my medicine drums, hair, clothing, jewelry. I feel close to my spirit animal when i carry them with me. I also bring them to healing and drum circles. 
There is a message to be shared with each feather found. The color, shape, shade… I always wondered if there was a significance to the color of feathers. I know about color therapy, color identity, and the color wheel but intuitively i knew there was something deeper to my found feathers and their significance. In my research to find out i found the image below. It identifies the feathers and their significance by color. I hope you will find it as enjoying and entertaining as i do. Feel free to share your found feathers and experience with me.
Thank you Melanie Beckler for the article
Until the next found feather and message!