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Happy New Year – WE made it to 2017

by Mia Roman in Art By Mia NewZ
HAPPY    NEW    YEAR   TO   ALL…..
We made it through 2016. Let’s reflect on what we have experienced from it, the blessings that we received, the lessons we learned, and the junk we will leave behind!!!
I hope everyone had a smooth and relaxing transition to a new year. I hope you are inspired by this new beginning, new start, and fresh day.  I wish for you and yours a wonderful, healthy, strong, successful and abundant year. May you receive the light and inspiration to learn, build, and grow. 
Here at Art By Mia and The Women’s Temple we too are GROWING!! we have collaborated with wonderful artists, healers, medicine people, crafters, leaders, and energy workers to help build a Sacred Place for all to come and heal, be inspired, shop, release, cleanse, grow, discover, and unite as one!
Our shop on Etsy (TheWomensTemple) has sold out of many of the items and we are blessed to see how supportive many have been. The Women’s Temple has an online shop that supports and sells hand-made goods by women from across the globe. All the proceeds going directly to the Artisan/Crafter. There really is so much room for ALL of us to grow and be successful. We will be adding new items such as sacred stone jewelry that are museum quality one of a kind pieces, custom clothing, pouches and handbags, sacred medicine tools (drums, rattles, pouches), smudging feathers and fans, sacred bath tea and herbal cleansing for the home and body. Ritual items to assist you in health, love, abundance, self esteem…. and so much more. 
We know that….. “Through Art and Ritual there is a door into Ancestral Healing”
Art By Mia and The Women’s Temple IS “Where Art and History Transforms and Heals”
 Shamanism and Art are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the modern world and this is why we have passionately combined the two while maintaining the historical value of tradition. 
 Here are a few things we are offering….
Healing Sessions
Energy Healing * Shamanic Reiki * Crystal Healing * Chakra Healing and Balancing * Distance Reiki * Herb Bath Tea * Phone Guidance and Spiritual Consult * Private and Group Sessions * Workshops * Drumming Circles *  Limpieza/Cleansings * Egg Cleansings * Shamanic Extraction and Cleansing * Shamanic Journeying * Hands-On Meditiation Healing sessions * Auric Cleansing * Card Readings * 
Sacred and Healing Arts Services
Shaman Drumming and Drum Making * Shaman sound healing * Medicine Rattle making * Sacred Medicine, Herb and Crystal Pouch workshops * Intuitive Arts workshop* Mixed Media Cultural Arts * Sacred Art * Creative Aging Workshops for Seniors
We are constantly growing and are grateful that you are with us during this beautiful journey. We will be announcing and launching new items in our shop very soon. Items from Africa / Nigeria… Mexico…. Puerto Rico… items made in America and so much more. The women that join us are the most Sacred Spirits we have joined forces with and the only direction we are going IS UP!!!
So please take a look at the shop, share the link, shop til you drop…and stay close because there is always something NEW, GROWTH and INSPIRATION happening at our house! 
From My Heart to Yours 
Thank you, Namaste, and Until the next time!