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by Mia Roman in Art By Mia NewZ
Blessings to YOU,
I would like to THANK YOU for all your support, love, guidance, inspiration, leadership and trust. It is with YOU that I can move forward with the work i do and the vision of expanding and growing. My mission every year has been to reach, grow, share, inspire and learn, and i must say that 2016 has been just that and more. YOU have been the wind beneath my wings and i made sure to take flight and breath in every blast of air that came my way. I could have never come this far without the support of family, friends, supporters and believers. It has all given me the push and nudge i needed to fly.
As i take flight i know it has not been without challenge, adversity, loss, and sorrow, but it has also come with love, security, wisdom, wellness, and expansion. It has all given me thicker skin, a stronger heart, clearer mind, courageous spirit, and grounded feet. As i stay wide open to every blessing, opportunity and gift that comes my way i embrace the  lessons that have come with every bit of it.
Everyone that i have crossed paths with this year have been teachers and guides, showing me the way and the direction of growth and expansion. Learning from the good and bad has created a beautiful balance of a knowing.  
We are just a few hours away from 2017 and i wanted to make sure you knew that i was thinking of you, that i wish for you a loving, healthy, abundant, and inspired new year.
Don’t take anything for granted and definitely don’t take anything that doesn’t serve a purpose to your Mind, Body, or Soul for 2017. Forgive, clear, and clean all corners of your home and body. Brush out the dust, the stagnant energy, the cobwebs that get in the way, and the fog that blocks your vision. Make room for new love, new adventures, and so much more. The possibilities are endless….
2016 has been nourishment for me and through that nourishment i was able to feed many. I AM grateful for all of it and EXCITED about what 2017 has planned for me, I just hope it sees the list i have sitting on my altar (tee hee).
here are a couple of things you can do to clean out and make room for new things in your home and life.
Sweep out all corners of your home, sweep from the back to the front and out the door with intent!!!
Clean out your closets, drawers, desk, shelves, and handbags. 
Smudge your space, buy a new broom and mop and throw out the old ones.
  • have fresh Bread in the house : So that your house may never know hunger…or…So your cupboards will always be full
  • Salt:  “That life may always have flavor”
  • Sugar:  “So your life shall always have sweetness”
  • Wine: Symbolizes the hope “That joy and prosperity may reign forever” and ”That your family will never be thirsty”
  • jar of Honey: So that you may always enjoy the sweetness of life
  • Broom: “So your home may always be clean” or “To help sweep away any evil and bad luck”
  • Coins: “So you may dwell in good fortune”
  • Candle: “So that this house will always have light” and  “So you may dwell in light and happiness”

 There are many traditions and superstitions during holiday season and these are just some of the ones i love because of  the symbolism behind them. 

So, at the stroke of midnight raise your arms and give thanks to the skies for they have carried and taken you to another year, on your way to another journey, and another opportunity to be inspired and to inspire. 
Remember that even in the darkest times, the cycle inevitably progresses to the return of light. 
Wishing you and your family the most wonderful, healthy, and happy New Year. I am excited to see how we will share, bond, grow, and unite in 2017. I wish to meet every one of you personally and share in good fortune!
Life is Art so let’s Live it Creatively!
With all my Love, and with lots of Light,
from my Home to Yours….