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Art by Mia says…Lo viejo pa’ fuera, lo nuevo pa’ encima!

by Mia Roman in Art By Mia NewZ

Here at Art By Mia We keep the traditions going thru January! A New Year’s Puerto Rican style gathering is simmering at La Casa de Mia…. Shoe box making for Dia de Reyes and so much more!!!

We would like to invite you to join us in our traditional holiday festivities while wishing you and your loved ones a very merry, safe, healthy and prosperous holiday season. May it be filled with love, inspiration and creativity always!… Now what are you waiting for? Vamos!!!!!

A traditional Año Viejo, New Year’s Eve, celebration is spent with lots of family and friends. But before the party begins we spend the day cleaning the house, yard, closets, and cars….Why?  It is believed that whatever the condition in which the New Year finds us, that is how we will stay for the rest of the year. So we say…Out with the old and in with the new. Lo viejo pa’ fuera, lo nuevo pa’ encima! WEPA!

What’s on the menu for New Years eve? Aside from the delicious traditional drink of Coquito we have arroz con gandules, penirl, ensalada, flan y mucho mas… Don’t forget to pass out baggies with 12 grapes that people need to start eating when there are 12 seconds to the New Year. Eat them by Midnight and have good luck all year long. Now grab an instrument and shake your way to a new year!!!

What better way to start a new year than with the preparation of a traditional love filled holiday of giving and being thankful!

Víspera de Reyes is the eve of El Día de Reyes (January 5th). The children get ready to receive gifts from the three Wise Men by collecting freshly cut grass to put in a shoe box for the Wise Men’s camels to eat. Get a shoe box, crayons, paint, glue, paper, stickers and start decorating your box… don’t forget the glitter… THE KINGS LOVE GLITTER!!!! We would love to see your decorated boxes so send pics to and we will post them on the site!!!

Día de Reyes is on January 6th. This is much like Christmas on the mainland. Children wake up early to see what Baltazar, Melchor, and Gaspar left them. Family and friends gather to celebrate this wonderful tradition filled with music, food, family and laughter! With so many parades and free events happening in and around town you are sure to be able to catch one.

El Museo del Barrio is hosting the 35th Anniversary time-honored Three Kings Parade procession through the streets of El Barrio. Spirit and joy abound as they parade with camels, music, colorful puppets, dancing, and parrandas on this magical day. The parade route begins at 106th St. and Madison Ave. and ends at 115th St and Park Ave. From 10-1230P FREE ADMISSION.  

Teatro SEA’s Annual Three Kings Celebration/El Día de los Reyes Magos (Teatro SEA). January 6th from 3-5P FREE ADMISSION The Three Wise Kings are coming to SEA! Join us in this wonderful annual celebration where every child will have an opportunity to be photographed and receive a free gift from the Three Kings! A wonderful day of family, joy, tradition and celebration.

TRIVIA: What were the gifts brought by Baltazar, Melchor, and Gaspar to baby Jesus?


Thank you for joining our Puerto Rican Holiday Celebrations. From our home to yours…. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! TE DESEO FELIZ NAVIDAD Y PROSPERO AñO NUEVO!