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The month of LOVE

With so much going on, with so much movement, with so many changes, pulls, tugs, pushes, shifts and broken promises, we need to DIG DEEP WITHIN OUR HEARTS and find a place of LOVE, a place of HEALING, a place of COMFORT. So, as we step into the second month of 2017, the month of LOVE, the month of Aquarius and Pisces babies i want to say... STEP INTO YOUR HEARTS. Just sit quietly for a moment and be still, silent with yourself, no phones, television, radio, just you and your heart. Breath right into that space and visualize it expanding and retracting with every breath, feeling what it needs to let go of and what it needs to be whole and healthy. Fill it with a beautiful energy of joy, light, gratitude, acceptance, healing, forgiveness, and openness. Listen to the beautiful thump, rattle and roll of that beautiful heart center of yours and with a knowing BELIEVE in it, believe in it's constant rhythm, your life song, your thumping pitter patter of LIVING not merely existing!! Because YOU MATTER!
Take time for LOVE, whatever that may mean to you JUST DO IT. The world moves so fast that we often forget that we need to nurture love. Hold on to what that may mean for you and feed it, work on it, shine some light on it and watch it grow right before your eyes. Whether it be a relationship, dream, desire, children, partners, pets, business, home, friends, causes, new endeavors.... EMBRACE it with LOVE.
If  it's love and passion that you seek, DRESS FOR THE OCCASION... Primp and Prime your spirit, with a KNOWING that it's already on the way! Let the Universe know exactly what you want and desire and WORK TOWARDS IT!!! DRESS FOR THE OCCASION! 
Polish and Buff for what you want to attract because the LAW is.......  IT WILL FIND YOU IF YOU ARE READY FOR IT!
Now, remember the POWER OF TOUCH! be gentle, be kind, be loving, BE CONNECTED and you will see the MAGIC OF LOVE. The healing power of hugs, touch, closeness, BEING MINDFUL and PRESENT! HOLD HANDS AND FEEL THE ENERGY EXCHANGE. 
So, as we walk together this February, as we share a space and moment of love, open your arms and LOVE ON SOMEBODY, LOVE WHAT YOU DO, LOVE WHERE YOU ARE, LOVE WHO YOU ARE AND LOVE THE IDEA OF EXPANDING ON ALL OF IT!!! Because LOVE is POWER and we can overcome many obstacles with a knowing that it does exist. 
I would like to THANK YOU for LOVING ME, for supporting my work, vision, and BEING the WIND beneath MY WINGS!! I CAN FLY because of you! I AM, BECAUSE YOU ARE!!
So from my heart to yours, i say THANK YOU with a deep gratitude for all you are and all you give. Now, go tell someone you love them, go share a hug, hold someone's hand, light a candle and call in the love you desire, cuddle with your pets.... you know what to do... GO, do it NOW!!!  
Forever your Warrior Goddess, Mia 


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