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Monthly Women's Circle with Mia

Blessings my dear Sistars!!!
Ever since i was a small child i loved gatherings, My Mother would have all her lady friends over, they would laugh, chat, eat, and tell stories.  I found the support and love for one another inspiring, fun, empowering and reinforcing. All of this runs strong through my veins. Today is no different, my mission to unite, gather, love, share, inspire, teach, give, empower, and join Sistars together is stronger than ever.
The magic and power of Sisterhood fills the longing for authenticity, deep connection and the expression of our wildness that was expressed so freely in ancient times. In some indigenous cultures, this tradition is still alive and increasingly it is being revived by women across the world. Traditions like the Red Tent, honoring rites of passage, healing circles, fertility rituals, and other indigenous women's business nourished women and kept the whole tribe strong.
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" ~ Helen Keller
JOIN ME IN MY MONTHLY SISTARS GATHERING and experience Ancient sisterhood traditions, sound healing, drumming, sharing, uniting and supporting. Women are the keepers of the ancient wisdom, they maintain Harmony & Balance. Sisterhood is a way of being, it runs in our veins, it is our heartbeat and pulse and encompasses all women. 
Sisterhood is not not a religion but to help one another is.
JOIN US while we connect, join us in stillness, join us in honor, equality, expression, healing and so much more.
If this calls to you please send an email request to thewomenstemple@gmail.com for our next meet up in NY and Florida.
"Sister open your heart, fling your hopes high and set your dreams aloft. I AM HERE to hold your hand" ~ Maya Angelou 
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E-Mail : thewomenstemple@gmail.com
Thank you and i appreciate your time, love and support.


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