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February's Love and Creativity with Art By Mia

 Happy New Year!!!

Here we are sharing another year together. Growing creatively and being inspired by all the wonderful things this Universe has to offer. I can’t believe that the first month is almost over…. I know that 2012 will be a powerfully inspired creative year filled with abundance and treasures. A year to plant new seeds in my garden of life… New Personal Bloom, Blossoms and Buds to admire and enjoy.

February is said to be the month for Lovers, Love and the month of purification. Juno Februtis is an aspect of that great Roman Goddess as a purifier and fertility Goddess, who was especially connected with the month of February. February was the month of purification to the Romans because in their early calendar it was the last month of the year, and so considered an appropriate time to get rid of the bad, stale, or unclean in preparation for the New Year. February takes its name from the Latin februa, meaning "religious purification", and so means "the month of purification", or "the cleansing month".

Join Art By Mia this February for unique workshops, tutorials, exhibits and promotions. Put on your wings and fly with me through the hills, meadows and rivers of CREATIVITY and FREE FLOW! ARE YOU READY?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

LOVE & DESIRE Art Exhibit:   I say YES to it all…. Join me on February 10th for a group art exhibit celebrating all that is LOVE & DESIRE…YUM! LIVE BODY PAINTING BY MIA with AMAZING ART on display and for sale by incredible NYC Artists! YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS IT!!!  Curated by Audrey Aybar of NYC.

SAPPHIRE LOUNG NYC, 249 Eldridge Street New York, NY 10002-1382 (212) 777-5153 7:00P

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Two Enlightening Guided Meditation Workshops with Mia…..

                Artist, Certified Reiki Practitioner & Workshop Facilitator.

 Meditation is the tongue of the Soul and the language of our Spirit ~ Jeremy Taylor

February 11, 2012 ~ 1:30-3P ~ 1st Workshop (MUST EMAIL TO RESERVE A SPACE) Small intimate group sessions with limited seating, so best to reserve your space NOW and receive your participant confirmation and workshop info for NYC! Workshop ~ Self investment fee is $25.00 per session.

Pa’ fuera con lo malo, Viejo y feo!!! Get rid of the bad, stale and unclean in preparation for the New Year. Melt away the old to make space for all that is new and valuable. With easy, guided meditation and intuitive creative writing steps that will ease the process of de-stressing, clearing, shifting, releasing and surrendering. Take the steps to becoming grounded, aligned, focused and inspired. OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
February 25, 2012 ~ 1:30-3P ~ 2nd Workshop (MUST EMAIL TO RESERVE A SPACE)Small intimate group sessions with limited seating, so best to reserve your space NOW and receive your participant confirmation and workshop info for NYC! Workshop ~ Self investment fee is $25.00 per session.

Guided meditation and intuitive art expressions with a focus on New Year intentions, growth, attraction, abundance, creativity, freedom, success, dreams and a FRESH, VIBRANT YOU! Open your heart and discover the creative spirit that is POWERFUL and MAJESTIC. Let your SOUL be your TREASURE. Take the steps to becoming grounded, aligned, focused, inspired and confident. It’s ALL about YOU!


One Breathe at a Time!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Did you know that Pierre –Auguste Renior’s Birthday is February 25th (1841-1919)

As we ELEVATE ourselves in the creative process of being present to the music of our lives I say….. LIVE YOUR LIFE THE CHACHA FILLED WAY!!!! With total AWARENESS, GRATITUDE and LOVE!!!! Now spread your wings and fly ….

Feel free to browse my websites, blogs and shops and reply, comment or suggest an idea. I would love to hear from you.

Email: artbymamamia@yahoo.com

Shop: http://www.artbymia.etsy.com/

Blog: www.the-creative-goddess.blogspot.com/Cached



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