animal hide, wood, fur, beads, unframed
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Description of Medicine Rattles – custom made

Rattles call in Power, Energy, and Allies and are known to break up static energies.

Many cultures use rattles as a means of getting the attention of Spirit. The sound of bell or rattle is used in ritual to consecrate sacred space, because the sound of many instruments is thought to drive away “bad” spirits and draw in “good” ones.

Rattles are one of the oldest forms of music and have been and continue to be used in ancient cultures around the world for various spiritual and healing purposes. In many cultures, rattles are used in healing rites and invoking gods and goddesses by the shaman or healer. In most cases the rattles are embellished with designs, symbols, fur, feathers, beads and crystals invoking allies such as animal medicine. In many cases, the instrument itself came to hold special magical powers and in some tribes, the rattle was regarded as the dwelling place of great spirits and ancestors.