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Hello Lovies,
It's the month of LOVE so how about treating yourself to some SELF-LOVE with a unique holistic private session with Mia focusing on energy, balance, gentle touch, cleansing, opening, clearing, relaxing, and releasing. LET GO of what no longer serves your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT!
Have you ever had a Shamanic Reiki session? how about a Healing Touch session to move stagnant energy through-out the body? Stimulate those Chakras, an aroma therapy session with gentle touch and heat? or a good old fashion Limpieza/cleansing like Abuela did with herbs and  Egg scanning to remove negative energy? how about an Auric field clearing to protect your Auric space? or how about a Candle Reading Diagnostic? Herbal remedies, baths, teas and more. Clear your home, sacred space, office,studio, and open it for opportunities to attract good energy, love, happiness, joy, success and so much more. 
There are so many things to get the stuck, yuck, and nasty out of the way. Don't be closed to the many ways that you can OPEN the doors to BIGGER LIVING, LONGER LIVING, HAPPIER LIVING, WHOLENESS LIVING, TOGETHER LIVING.
I AM offering TO YOU just for the month of February, the month of "LOVE" a short session at a discounted price. The price will be a LOVE OFFERING to cover rental space and materials used. My goal is to have you come in and explore the many natural ways to melt the yuck away and feel whole again, and feel relaxed in a sacred non-judging space of trust and ease. If interested or curious, email me at ... thewomenstemple@gmail.com for inquiries, concerns, or to book a session. not convinced about my work or sessions yet? well here are a few words from those i have worked with. Don't be afraid to jump, the net will be there to catch you!
"It was LOVE at first sight! Mia is a force of nature. Divinely spiritually connected, artistic phenom, and faithful channel of tradition. I can not wait to do more with her this year. I recommend that whoever is considering a healing or workshop make it a priority, especially now". MN ~ Artist Spiritualist
" My company Sofrito Media Group, Inc. was tasked to create an experience in NYC around the release of the major motion picture "Annabelle" and we engaged Mia to create an altar for a Curandero so that he could do a demonstration of his work for the media. this altar almost upstaged the actual star of the event, the Annabelle doll herself. My client was happy but the biggest compliment came from the Curandero himself who could not stop thanking me for really respecting his work enough to have an Artist like Mia create a space worthy of the Spiritual realm. This was not the first time... nor it will be that last time we engage Mia Roman in creating beautiful experiences for our clientele". _ GT - Media Guru and CEO/Founder of Sofrito Media Group, Inc,
" I attended a workshop about healing power stones and it was wonderful. you provided a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. All the supplies were provided. The discussion and practice with stones and drumming were enlightening, empowering, and magical. I was pleasantly surprised about having a lovely gift to take home with me. It was a very positive experience personally and really great to bond with like-minded Sisters". NV
So, my goal is to have everyone seek alternatives and complimentary modalities, be OPEN to finding solutions that are natural, healthy, inspiring, to create a WHOLE YOU! A practice and guide that will FEED the WHOLE YOU... Together we are STRONGER!.
Feel free to contact me with any and all inquiries, concerns, thoughts, and ideas. Let's chat about creating balance, strength, and healthy long living from the heart center!
Forever Your Goddess Warrior and SiStar!


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