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Children's Art class videos Playtime with Mia

Keith Haring inspired Children's art class with Mia. April 2013. Ages 5-12.
Van Gogh "Starry Night" Children's art class with Mia
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Feel free to share, blast, and repost videos and class information. Should you have any questions or concerns you can reach us at artbymamamia@yahoo.com.
Art is Life so live it Creatively!!!
See you at the easel!!!


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Art sessions with children are always fun. I have attended many such events and enjoyed a lot with talented kids. I hope you had a great time with the children and their art.

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Wow… Children are already painting Van Gogh? To be frank, some of them seem so brilliant that they have recreated that masterpiece almost like the original one. I think it was the popularity of the painting that would have made you to select this particular one.

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