20.00"x16.00" Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas
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Description of Tears for our Daughters.. FEMICIDE… NI UNA MAS

“Femicide” is defined as the systematic killing of women for various reasons, usually cultural or domestic. Femicide is seen as a gender crime. Most of the women were raped before being murdered and some were mutilated, tortured and dismembered. It is an epidemic of gross proportions. The mutilation, rape and murder of women along the US/Mexico border, Congo, Guatemala, South Dakota, Egypt and Iraq has become an annual statistic, with little mainstream media coverage and even less national outcry.

This 16″ x 20″ acrylic painting depicts the sorrow of the families… the calavera/skull represents the death, the crosses are the shrines, the bloody tears is the pain… The pink headscarf represents the daughters.