14.00"x11.00" Acrylic on stretched canvas, framed

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Description of Goddess Kali Ma

The original painting is acrylic on canvas with accents of gold leave and glitter. The art piece that is for sale is a replica of the original on 100% cotton canvas digitally printed with pigment ink and stretched.

Kali serves as the archetypal image of the birth-and-death Mother, simultaneously the womb and tomb, giver of life as well as the devourer of her children: the identical image was portrayed in a thousand ancient religions. Current psychologists face this image with an uneasy acknowledgement of its power.

Apparently the image of the angry, punishing, castrating Father seems less threatening than the destructive Mother–perhaps because she symbolized the inexorable reality of death, whereas he only postulated a problematic post-mortem judgment. Perhaps this is one reason the Roman Catholics maintain the teaching of purgatory, to divert the final end.

Goddess Kali-Ma…