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From Van Gogh to Keith Haring Art Class with Mia

by Mia Roman in Workshops & Classes
Good Day my Creative Lovies!!!

Spring has SPRUNG!!! and all the blooms are dancing and birds singing life’s joy’s!! This weekend was our first Spring’s Children’s Art Class with Mia and was loads of fun!! who said learning wasn’t fun? well whomever said that did not take a class or workshop with Mia.

The day started with excitement and the children were smocked and ready to get their creative artist ON!!! We started with an intro to whom Vincent Van Gogh was, what he did and how he did it. They learned about Impressionists Art and the history of Impressionism, we spoke about Van Gogh, his life while in Paris, his relationship with his Brother Theo and his depression and eventual death. I never underestimate the young minds of a 5, 6, 7 or 10 year old and i am not surprised that each and every one of them remembered all the info shared.

From learning brush strokes, mixing colors and art history. They executed some of the most amazing pieces of work. I am proud of each and every one of them, and today i celebrate their amazing creative spirits and hearts. Stay tuned for more classes, pictures, video and workshops by and with Mia.
Next week we celebrate the life of Keith Haring. Excited to see what develops from this class. There is still time to reserve a space for the young artist in your life… Register online at…


April 21, 2013 ~ Color PoP inspired by the works of Keith Haring,,,  2:30P – 4:00P
Children will create their very own Star rendition of Keith Haring’s PoP Art as well as learn the history of the creative master behind the work.
For ages 5-14 ~ cost: $15.00 (includes all supplies) – Must bring an apron or smock for painting. Please click on link below to reserve a spot. Class is small and intimate so best to reserve yours early.
Keith Haring inspired Children’s art class with Mia
You will recieve a confirmation email with full class detail upon registration.

Art is Life so Live it Creatively!! Mia