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OPEN CALL FOR FEMALE ARTISTS – Feminist Art Movement Show

by Mia Roman in Art Exhibits

The “ISM ART F*FEST” “From Feminism to FeministCurated by Mia Roman from Art By Mia celebrates the creative contributions women make to this world and the influence it had on the Feminist Art Movement of the 1970’s. Female artists will be exhibiting original works varying from visual painting, mixed media, textile, and photography. The opening reception will include, live painting, body painting, poetry, dance performances, music and more… it’s a ISM F*FEST ~ FESTIVAL. The show will showcase the impact art has on gender equality while showcasing how far women have come in the art world, and how it has been life saving and changing.  ISM Boldly vibrating the senses with creativity, empowering the minds with art, and inspiring the souls with visual stimulation showcases the made major ground breaking contributions to the evolution of this World by Women. Using creative expression influences political platforms, evolving and bridging gaps culturally, socially and historically.

After all these years the word Feminist still carries a negative connotation. Identify yourself as a feminist today and many will immediately assume you are a man-hating, bra-burning, whiny liberal lesbian. Times have changed and we have come a long way with the old societal definition of FEMINIST.

Women Artists are exhibiting widely and are free to express themselves in their work in ways that were completely impossible years ago. At the same time, many young female artists do not wish to be associated with the feminist art movement of the 1970s that opened the doors of opportunity to them. This situation is the result of women’s art, women’s history and the feminist art movement still being marginalized in our educational institutions and museums.

Although the Women’s Movement has come a long way they are still under-valued and under-represented in the creative Arts industry. The truth is that for centuries women have struggled to be heard, writing books, making art and music and challenging the many restrictions on women’s lives. But their achievements have been repeatedly written out of history. Many art forms dominated by women have been historically dismissed from the art historical canon as craft, as opposed to fine art. Women artists faced challenges due to gender biases in the mainstream fine art world. They have often encountered difficulties in training, travelling and trading their work, and gaining recognition.

And this is how the “ISM ART F*FEST” “From Feminism to Feminist” was born and inspired by the strength women had and the courage they showed while taking leadership in the 1970’s Feminist Art Movement.

Beginning in the late 1960s and 1970s, feminist artists and art historians created a Feminist art movement, which overtly addresses the role of women in the art world and explores women in art history. The feminist art movement refers to the efforts and accomplishments of feminists internationally to make art that reflects women’s lives and experiences, as well as to change the foundation for the production and reception of contemporary art. It also sought to bring more visibility to women within art history and art practice.

 Jeremy Strick, director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, described the feminist art movement as “the most influential international movement of any during the postwar period.”  We are trying to change the future: to get girls and boys to realize that women’s art is not an exception—it’s a normal part of art history and evolution.


Join me in making history with her-story by the use of a creative platform. Submit your creative talents to the “ISM ART F*FEST” “From Feminism to Feminist” show opening on May 17, 2013 in NYC. Please see specs below for submission details, rules, regulations and more info. Feel free to contact Mia Roman at should you have any questions regarding submission guidelines.



The “ISM ART F*FEST” “From Feminism to Feminist” Art Show looking for….


with works inspired by Women Empowerment and the 1970’s Feminist Art Movement

Curated by Mia Roman ~ Art By Mia


Works created via any form of medium 2D or 3D will be accepted for consideration (i.e. shot digitally, mixed media, painting, sculpting, textile, altered & unaltered shots, alternative process, mixed media, digital manipulations, montages, collages, photograms, etc.), so long as the art is created or manipulated by the Artist submitting for consideration.


·The online entry process is very easy, simply upload your images as JPEG files to email

JPEG Size: Your images must be at least 1500 pixels on the longest side (but no larger than 3000 pixels). Save your files at Quality 10 (or just choose the highest quality option). Please keep the file size no bigger than 5 megs per image (when the file is closed).

Also about your JPEGs:  Please do not put a border or any kind of graphic outline around your images.

IMPORTANT: Concerning your JPEG images which you submit for this Show, please do not watermark them nor put your name on them nor put a copyright notice on them. That would distract from the image quality when viewing your pictures. And it’s unnecessary – this is a very private and closed judging process here, and your images are 100% secure. We promise you that. The copyright of your images belongs to you. Showing your work in this exhibit (or any exhibit) does not change this fact. We are only accepting emailed JPEG file submissions.

Entry process:

Send email to with entry specifications below and paypal payment confirmation. We will then send you a confirmation of your non-refundable payment and art submission.

Email: Full name of artist & contact info ~Title ~ description ~ medium ~ price of each piece submitted


Number each JPEG submitted!!

1.       Dancing with Fire ~ 16 x 20 ~ $150 ~ Acrylic on canvas ~ Artist Mia Roman

JUDGING: It is a blind judging process, and an even playing field for all entrants. Once we have made our selections for the Show, the artists will be notified via email. Each artist whose art is selected for exhibition in the gallery will arrange proper framing and support for exhibit (all work must be ready to hang).

PRESENTATION: Work selected for exhibition in the gallery needs to be framed or have some other form of presentation device and arrive here “ready to hang or display” if it is a sculpture and needs a pedestal, the pedestals must be supplied by the artist. Presentation is very important in our view, so we want to encourage you to professionally prepare your art for the exhibition and sales. NO EASELS!

ELIGIBILITY:This is an open call for Domestic and International Artists and all may submit images of their work for consideration. Art must be original, and created by the person who submits the work.

$10 for up to 2 images and $5 for every image thereafter. There is no limit to the number of entries an artist may enter. The “entry fee” is the fee to enter images in this exhibit. The entry fee is non-refundable.

Secure online payment via PayPal account. If you would rather not pay online, you may email your credit card info to us and we will process the submission fees. P

ayment can be made thru paypal please add a $2.00 paypal fee to your payment; send to email… Please specify in description your full name, amount paid, number of entries and contact info.

Final acceptance of entries to the “
ISM ART F*FEST” “From Feminism to Feminist” Art  exhibition is up to the Curator’s discretion after viewing the delivered works. If an art piece does not match the appearance of the JPEG entry, or if the quality or the framing (presentation device) are not suitable quality for gallery presentation, the Curator may ask the artist to replace whichever element is not suitable. This is going to be an excellent show, so we expect that all of the art be presented in a professional manner.


Exhibited work will be available for sale (unless the artist designates certain entries NFS). The price for each art piece is entirely up to each artist to decide. The gallery will retain a commission of 30% on all sales that occur during the exhibit. The balance will be mailed to the artist. 


All entrants agree that any image they submit to the “ISM ART F*FEST” “From Feminism to Feminist” Art Show which is chosen by our judges may be used for marketing and promotional purposes directly related to the “ISM ART F*FEST” “From Feminism to Feminist” Art Show. This use may include, but is not limited to, publication in any of  theISM ART F*FEST” “From Feminism to Feminist” Show printed materials, advertisements, electronic media, Internet, social media, television, catalog, DVD, magazine, gallery shows, and on websites related to the the “ISM ART F*FEST” “From Feminism to Feminist” show. Any image used by the the “ISM ART F*FEST” “From Feminism to Feminist” Show shall carry a credit line of the artist. Copyright and all other rights remain that of the artist.
Mia Roman ~ Art By Mia

Art is Life so Live it Creatively, Mia