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Art By Mia Oct ~ Nov 2012 NewZletter

Que Pasa Creative Creaters!!!
So much going on and always on Divine Time! October is not over… so much to do, see and share. As we shift from one season to the next, it’s like shedding old skin and growing a new layer. It’s new growth, a new beginning, fresh start and a new day. The Fall is Mother Nature’s canvas of color and explosion. The changing colors of Autumn is inspiring, changing shapes and moods of sky and nature is a welcoming art piece that only Mother Nature can provide. It’s a beautiful collaboration of nature and universe providing us with inspiration to grow, explore and contribute to the beauty.
Creative Literary Inspiration for the GODDESS!!!


            Honored to be invited as a contributor to the wonderful Success Alchemy Magazine a WE Magazine affiliate. This magazine is for every woman. It comes full to the brim with inspiration, empowerment, spirituality, services, freebies, giveaways, poetry, art, stories and so much more.  This is a PREVIEW of the Opening page for the Special Segment Art and Inspiration with Mia Roman. This is an Art By Mia piece: Without my Roots There is no Story. Enjoy Mia’s art, poetry and her bone-strengthening declarations of her own journey through the four stages of success. This is just ONE of the segments, are you ready for this entire banquet?

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I am honored to be a part of theatre history in the making. I have learned some of the most wonderful things as part of the creative team of Broke Wide Open. Art By Mia has provided the  Logo Graphic and Editorial designs that will be the face to Broke Wide Open for years to come.  

A MUST SEE!!!…Rock WILK…. High energy, honest, and unforgettable, BROKE WIDE OPEN is a poetic and orchestral unveiling of truth with Rock WILK as both maestro and menace. In BROKE WIDE OPEN, Rock WILK, fostered three times and finally adopted as a baby, takes us on a journey where he recounts and relives life changing consequences and decisions. Like martyr, like savior, like rebel without pause, Rock WILK is insistently fighting to enlighten and protect anyone and everyone in his path. A force, a hurricane, a cyclone of well intentioned chaos, Rock WILK is a tempest of love; he is valor and destruction all wrapped up into one. Testing the limits of every relationship in his life, Rock WILK’s journey to explore cause, and find home, becomes both incessant and reluctant. Emotionally gripping and spiritually giving, BROKE WIDE OPEN is also hopeful with pockets of laugh out-loud, comedic revelation. Get your tickets TODAY!!

Art By Mia joins Broward College in celebrating Hispanic Heritage month. A group art show curated by Elizabeth Erazo Baez. FREE admission!!  SHOWING NOW!!!
Mi gente! A special Day-Of-The-Dead inspired Capicu Open Mic this month, designed by the amazing Mia ArtbyMia Roman and featuring Nuyorican poet Anthony Morales… Let’s make some noise! Saturday October 27th in Williamsburg Brooklyn! with the signature Peoples Open Mic- hosted by your friendly neighborhood chupacabra Papo Swiggity and his lovely cohost La Sensacion! We’ll also celebrate the birthday of our very own International ambassador of great music ♫ DJ Sambarella ♪!

COLLABORATIONS…. Building beautiful partnerships….

Art By Mia has partnered with Sofrito For Your Soul….. Founded in 1997, Sofrito For Your Soul is an online magazine that promotes the evolution of Latino culture in the United States. Our mission is to share the spirit of our heritage through art, fashion, music, dance, traditions and emerging trends. We strive to offer Latinos a chance to reconnect with their heritage and extend an invitation to other cultures to experience the beauty of everything we have to offer. Please check them out and browse the website at

Art by Mia works auctioned off to help raise funds for awareness and education… Please visit the sites and support the organizations making a difference in the world.
Frida in Green by Mia Roman auctioned at the Hope for a healthier Humanity charity event.

La Morena by Mia Roman auctioned to raise money for Domestic Violence Awareness… Safe Space Foundation…Supporting, Educating, Empowering and Raising awareness.
When: November 17, 2012 11-6PM FREE ADMISSION
Where: Hostos Center for the ARts and Culture
450 Grand Concourse @ 149th Street, Bronx NY
The Artisan Fair & Exhibit was established in 2006, in celebration of Comité Noviembre’s, 20th anniversary. Over 50 artesanos puertorriqueños from throughout the US and Puerto Rico participated and the event boasted an attendance of over 5000 people in this very first Fair.

For the past three years, CN has transformed, Hostos Center for the Arts and Culture at Hostos Community College into a typical Puerto Rican plaza with a fountain, palm trees, and artists, sculptors, vejigante mask makers promoting… and selling their wares while musical and cultural acts entertained throughout the day. This year will be no different at Hostos. CN will also continue to conduct cultural workshops for children and adults, like mask making, the history of the three kings’ celebration, Taíno storytelling in order to make sure that our youth learn about our culture.

An expanded exhibition area will showcase Puerto Rican authors.

This FREE Fair is an opportunity to kick-off the holiday shopping season by supporting our artesanos.



CLASS IS IN SESSION WITH MIA… Creativity / Art Classes with Mia begin in November and will be a list that you won’t want to miss. November 7, 14, 21, 28 & December 5, 12, 19… There will be youth classes, adult classes and open beginner painting classes for all ages.  Frida Kahlo Art doll class IS BAAAACCCKKK!!! For the youth we have Vejigante mask making, PoP Art and more. Don’t miss a class… Art By Mia will be giving away one scholarship for each class based on merit, need, nomination etc. We will also have loyalty cards which means you can EARN FREE CLASSES!!!  So stay tuned to the Art By Mia channel for updates. You can also view some of our children’s art class videos on youtube via (Artbymia1). See Class list and links below to reserve your space… limited seats, small intimate classes. ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED!!!
Where: La Casa Azul Bookstore
143 E. 103rd Street
New York, NY 10029
(between Lexington & Park Ave, steps away from the 6 train – 103rd street stop)

Phone: (212) 426 – 2626
Discovering POP ART

Inspired by the art of Andy Warhol and the 1960’s art movement 
Ages 4 – 15:  Pop Art 1960’s Art Movement ~

 Cost: $15.00 INCLUDES ALL SUPPLIES ~ November 7, 2012 6:30PM – 8:00PM  
The students will learn about pop art while creating their very own Pop Art images using various mediums. They will view and discuss the paintings of the Pop Art movement of the 1960’s and discuss the birth of POP ART being New York and London, the new art centers of the western world. We will discuss how the subject matter of Pop Art is made up of ordinary objects from everyday life. The objects are distorted, enlarged, simplified and colored differently.

Frida Kahlo Art Doll Workshop. Design your very own Frida Art Doll… Paint, Dress, Decorate and have FUN!.

 November 14, 2012 – Time: 6:30 – 8:00P ~ Ages: 12 – Adult

Where: La Casa Azul Bookstore – 143 East 103rd St. NYC – 212-426-2626
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts to register and pick your kit. All kits are unique and different from the other, no two alike. Feel free to bring your own mini flowers, Milagros, jewelry that you may want to add to your doll as a personal touch. Please bring an apron to wear, you will be painting and glueing.

Is she going to an Art Exhibit? In her studio painting? or at a Dia de Los Muertos celebration? Join us and send her off in style. Class fee includes a kit with all supplies to make one doll. Limited spaces and small intimate class instruction so best to reserve your space now. Use link below to pay online and reserve your doll kit.


Price: $30.00 per kit – ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED
Make A Frida Rag  Doll


James Rizzi inspired Art

November 21, 2012 6:30PM – 8:00PM Ages 5 – 16:  ~ 
The History and Movement of James Rizzi ~
James Rizzi has left his mark on the world. His amazing illustrations have made an indelible impression on many. We will fun with James Rizzi Inspired Skyscrapers. James Rizzi is a dynamic artist/illustrator who lives in New York City. His animated art style, rich in detail and expression, has a massive following. The simple black lines with bold dashes of color make a perfect style for my students to imitate. Let’s get Creative!
James Rizzi inspired Art


Small Vejigante mask making

November 28, 2012 6:30PM – 8:00PM Ages 5 – 16: 
Vejigante history and Art Culture ~

A vejigante is a folkloric character in Puerto Rican festival celebrations (mainly seen in Carnival time). Traditional colors of the Vejigantes were black, red, white, and yellow. Today, vejigantes wear brightly colored, ornate masks of all colors and a costume with bat-like wings. The term vejigante derives from the word vejiga (bladder) and gigante (giant), due to custom of blowing up and painting cow bladders. The masks are often linked to many festivals that continue today, especially in Loíza and Ponce.

We will discuss the history of the Vejigante masks and create one of our very own to be displayed as a piece of art.
Small Vejigante Mask Making

Thank you for recieving this wonderful news letter and supporting the Arts!!… 

Art By Mia ~ Art is Life live it Creatively