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Creative Chakra Workshop with Art By Mia ~ Chamaca Arts

by Mia Roman in Workshops & Classes
This course is open to WOMEN ONLY – no previous knowledge or experience is required.

Chamaca Arts CHAKRA JOURNEY IN YOUR JOURNEY BOOK (journal) facilitated by Mia from Art By Mia
8 course workshop

1st course is on April 21st, 2012 from 130 – 330P
 we will start with the ROOT CHAKRA
  COLOR: The color for this chakra is red, which is the lowest frequency of human’s visible light spectrum. Red is the color of anger and/or vitality.

RULES: The first chakra rules our PHYSICAL energies. Also known as the root chakra, it governs our vigor, heredity, survival, security, passion, money, job, and home. This chakra aids us in our everyday survival.

During these workshops you are going to fall in love with your body, yourselves, your partner (if you don’t have one you’ll probably attract one soon!), your family and the world. You will make the distinction between your “inner stories” and the real you, so you can detach from the inner critic and be yourself and finally understand what “to LOVE” means… come together and allow your self expression through words, sounds and chanting. You will explore what’s talking “your truth”, what’s talking “stories” and learn how to LISTEN. Strengthen and challenge your intuitive & mediumship skills, and also receive the inner tools and confidence to create a vision board. You will learn how to empower your vision board to actually create the life you want to live in a practical way.

8th and Final course: review of those seven chakras, Vision board discussion, balancing and celebration!

What if I haven’t done the first workshops?

You can start the journey at anytime as long as it is at the beginning of a course (workshop). It doesn’t affect the value of the experience, since balancing the chakras is a continuous journey. No previous knowledge is required.

What are the main benefits of the workshop?
Feeling relaxed
Identifying your emotions
Allowing your emotions to be the way they are
Allowing yourself to be the way you are
Feeling energized
Feeling centred
Getting a boost to your creativity
Raising your confidence
Feeling present to what is there and what is not
Feeling powerful
What am I going to learn?

At the end of the 8 workshop course, you will be able to:

Balance your chakras through meditation.
Use drawing and writing to get in touch with your subconscious,
Be aware of your energy & listen to your intuition.
Keep your creativity flowing, and allow the energy to circulate harmoniously in your body.
Use the creative tools for yourself at home.
You will experience a shift in your life as feeling good will start to be a natural way of being!

So you will:

Be more confident in your creativity, your emotions and yourself.
Improve your relationships with people around you
Know how to heal yourself very easily.
Start feeling subtle energies.
What am I going to do?

You are going to:

Meditate: in a simple and relaxing way to access your subconscious
Draw / paint: in your journey book, you will be guided through a series of powerful exercises that will allow you to understand your relationships, your creativity, your sexuality, your body, etc.
Dance: from tribal beats to lyrical music, the aim here is to release and express your uniqueness!

What is so great about this course?

If you sign up for all the Saturday courses from 130-330 you will have:

the time: 2 hours to connect within and balance your chakras and energy.
the meditation: relaxed, inspired, connected, free, renewed, that’s how you are going to feel,
the SAFETY & POWER of the group: The strength of the group, the possibility to share and ask questions if something comes up is invaluable.
the CREATIVE FLOW OF ENERGY: It is your chance to be creative and healing yourself at the same time, drawing, dancing and creating.
the FUN to be creative like a child again!

· What people are saying about Art By Mia ~ Chamaca Arts Workshops and courses.

“I felt I cleared some feelings lodged in my body. I received brilliant support during the sessions and on the phone. The teaching was inspiring and educational: the dance helped my self-expression” Clare Solomon

· “These creative tools are priceless. I received more than I expected.”

· “I feel more positive and more myself.”

· “I am feeling so much more creative and colourful. My life really is changing through your classes, and that makes me feel happy.”

This course is open to anyone – no previous knowledge is required.

8 Workshop Course
Twice a month on Saturdays from 130-330pm starting April 2012
Course fee: $25 per person
Pay now to secure your place! LIMITED SEATING…. SMALL INTIMATE GROUPS

By confirming your payment, you automatically agree to the Terms & Conditions listed below, please read them carefully:

· Any payment is non transferable, non refundable under any circumstances.

· The balance for either workshop is payable 1 to 2 weeks before the course begins.

· If the participant cannot attend a workshop for any reason, the balance is non transferable, non refundable. However, if you cannot attend the course or workshop and give Mia Roman a 14 days notice, the payment is transferable to another course taken within 3 months from the date of the initial course or workshop.

· If the workshop is canceled, the full amount paid will be refunded within 7 days.

· Each participant is 100% responsible for their own health and well-being during any Art By Mia Creativity sessions / courses / workshops / one-to-one sessions and cannot take Mia Roman / Art By Mia responsible for any disease, disorder, incident, accident, and/or attempt to their health or well-being..

· Photographs taken during the session / course / workshop may be used for publicity on the website, the blog, on flyers and/or books with the agreement of participants.

· What do I need to bring?

Once you have confirmed your attendance and made your payment a confirmation email and course specifications with supplies list etc. will be sent as your confirmation and reservation.

· What do I need to wear?

We are going to dance a little bit and use paints, crayons, etc so please wear comfortable clothes that you are not afraid to get a stain on. Feel free to bring an extra large blouse for you to cover yourself. (Usually people don’t get stains but we never know!)

· At what time do I need to arrive?

The session starts at 130pm. I recommend you come 15 min early so you have the time to relax and check in with the facilitator.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns prior to the workshops. Should you want to pay in advance for several workshops please contact us to make those arraingements.

Namaste, Love and Light,