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A tribute to WATER and her FLOW

by Mia Roman in Miscellaneous
I believe in your healing oceans
and running streams
immersed in the living ocean I dance
to the waves
crashing against my body
warm, embracing, vitalizing
made of pure love and sweet waters
these boundless waters
my home
your blessings gently pouring over me
like a warm summer rain
the endless form of flow
A glistening morning dew
before the breaking sun

Your divine stream permeating my everything
causing a creation of celebration
moving to the rhythms of my past
it is no mystery
that you are part of our history
healing and feeding our ancestory

As butterflies are flying
and babies are crying
we pray the poisons away

creating a pathway
to a fresh waterway
we say
only heaven knows the true power of your flow
let the ocean waves grow, crash and blow
giving a spectacular water show
for all to know
the healing power of your FLOW.

Written by Mia in June 2011 for the 2nd annual DeAlmas Urban Goddess Summer festival celebrating Water, Women and Wholeness.