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Women in Africa promote “UNITY” through Arts and Design

by Mia Roman in Miscellaneous

Women in Africa promote “UNITY” through Arts and Design

Chamaca Arts had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Rebecca Lolosoli Matriarch of Umoja Uaso Womens Village. She was warm, inviting and very inspiring. The work she has done and continues to do is nothing short of Warriorship and the signs of a true Leader. The results are proof that if we work collabortively in support of one another and are passionate about our causes, communities and tribes we can attain and empower the world as a whole.

In 1990, Rebecca and 16 other homeless women came together for mutual protection and formed the Umoja Uaso Women’s Organization. Umoja, which means “Unity”. It is now a safe haven for women and the girls fleeing abuse, as well as a training center for those seeking to promote human rights, economic empowerment, and the preservation of indigenous art and crafts. The women of Umoja provide for their children and themselves through the sale of their beaded jewelry and crafts. Which include traditional as well as contemporary products. Your purchase supports their efforts.

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