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Farewell Silence Art Exhibit

by Mia Roman in Art Exhibits

New York, NY – Chamaca Arts announces its first ever show – FAREWELL SILENCE ~ HELLO VOICE with one LIVE Monologue and Poetry performance on October 8, 2010 at 7:00PM. Rich, brave voices of women from around the world arrive via paper and pen at the Abrazo Interno Gallery in the historic CSV building located in the trendy Lower East Side of Manhattan. Join us for a night of unity and celebration of Women’s voices.

Over 150 letter…s submitted by women from all over the world some anonymous and some signed off with a smile, tear and heartfelt thank you will be on exhibit. The art of creative writing adorn the walls of the gallery, as an altar is erected in celebration of ALL women. They creatively express via pen to paper current events, politics, love, abuse, growth, imprisonment, solitude, family, illness, culture and religion.
A reading of the unedited letters and poetry written by women across the globe will surely touch on all emotions and create dialogue. Experience a heartfelt poem written from someone in Russia, listen to a voice crying for help from Afghanistan, listen to the pride of women in Nepal, the embrace from women in Africa and hear the tears from India. The gallery walls will exhibit over 100 letters written by these brave women sharing their voices while risking everything.

Performances by: Peggy Robles Alvarado, Maria Aponte, Tatiana Dellepiane, Tabatha Roman, Mia Roman and Rhina Valentin


*** WE RISE… ONE VOICE AT A TIME *** A MUST show for everyone!!!!