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FEMICIDE Art Exhibit Curated by Mia Roman “Art By Mia”

by Mia Roman in Art Exhibits

Femicide is defined as the systematic killing of women for various reasons, primarily because they are women. Over 10 artists have spoken volumes with the various images they have created for this show…. The works and words are as diverse and graphic as the crime itself, the over 30 pieces of art and poetry will evoke emotion, educate, advocate and bring awareness to a horrific crime that has taken place since the beginning of time..!!! What better way to bring awareness than thru Art!!!

We are committed to ending violence against women and femicide around the world. This exhibit will focus on women from all around the world with a primary focus on India, Guatemala, Mexico and Africa. With Latin America having the highest rate of femicide, over 4000 women dead in Mexico alone. Often times, we hear about problems of honor killings in the Middle East or “bride burning” in India. These and other examples are very important and not to be dismissed. However, the women of Guatemala and Mexico are often overlooked.  It is our intent to bring these facts to the forefront in the form of art and advocacy.