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Blessings Beautiful Souls....

I hope your shifting, shedding, and blending into a new season has been a gentle transition for you. Autumn/Fall is beautiful, the colors and Masterpiece of Pacha Mama/Mother Nature is just magnificent and inspiring. I feel with every season it's a form of shedding, cleansing, shifting, letting go, and growing.... giving birth to a NEW YOU, a new layer of skin, a new beginning!

 In many areas of the world, deciduous trees prepare for the winter and conserve their energy by contracting their life force-That is, they release their leaves, which have required the rays of the sun and nourishment from the Earth in order to maintain robust growth and appearance. It's not a decision that the trees make (at least not in the usual sense); instead, it's a natural response to the decreasing cycle of light that sets up the gradual and steady release of the trees' leaves. How remarkable it is that these trees-and for that matter, all of the Earth Mother's children-simply know what to do with the changes in climate. Although this seasonal shift appears to be a death of sorts, it's only a preparation for the next cycle of life, one that will naturally follow the more extreme contraction of winter as an aspect of the life-death-rebirth cycle that we find represented in so many different ways.

We have a wonderful workshop of life-death-rebirth for you and that is in Shaman/Medicine hand drum making. Using the spirit of animal and the medicine of nature to give birth to a tool used in healing, ceremony, celebration, tradition and so much more. I hope that you can join us in this most incredible full day of unity, healing, creating, tradition and magic.


Come along and join with us in Sacred Ceremony and birth your own unique and power-full Shamanic Medicine Drum. To birth your own drum is a truly rewarding experience; putting your love, intent, and energy into this powerful medicine tool will make a truly special friend who will heal you, help heal others, take you on breathtaking journeys and share with you a connection and oneness with all.

We will open the circle, call in our Ancestors, guides and power animals, set our intentions and prepare our skins for drum making.
In this full day workshop, you will be shown the full art of drum making in the traditional way using lacing cut from the same hide, Thus keeping the spirit of the animal within the drum, in a day of ceremony, honoring the spirits of the animal and the tree. When you have birthed your drum, I will lead you on a journey to connect with the spirit of your drum.
The group will be intimate with only 12 participants.
Your investment is $350.00 for either an Elk or Buffalo hide and includes drum stick
To Register: email shamanicfirereiki@gmail.com
Cost: $350
Non-refundable deposit of $150.00 secures your place
All drums are 15” all natural materials and a choice of either Elk or Buffalo skins selected upon deposit. All materials, instruction, guidance and support provided.
Location: Given to Registrants - NYC
What you get:

·          15” precut animal skin (Elk or Buffalo) with same animal hide lacing

·         Oak wood drum hoop  

·         Drum stick supplies (made with your drum)

·         Supplies to decorate/personalize your hoop

·         Care instructions

·          Smudge blessing  

·         Drum Blessing ceremony 

·         Special gift from Mia

With your drum you will venture on a journey and relationship of healing, learning and teaching between you and the Spirit through the drum as it sings its song.
What to bring:
Bag lunch/snack/beverage/warm socks/ shawl/yoga mat for floor work/ceremony/large towel for your wet hide
If you like you can bring your own art supplies to paint or draw on your wood hoop
Dress comfortable – we will bounce from floor to chair during the day


As always...





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