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Blessings Lovies,
This email topic will be odd for me to send, and maybe out of  many yard lines but inspired by sports... yes, i said sports and if you know anything about me... I am not well versed in sports except Boxing, Thanks to my Dad! ( a gift i can appreciate from him)
So, my HomeSkillet Lady GaGa killed it at the Super Bowl performance last night. Although it was not politically scandalous it was a statement made creatively and in your face!.  I am not really into sports and not well versed in this field but as i was working and navigating through the studio i did give a glimpse or two. Sports can teach many things in life, good sportsmanship, team work, honor, commitment, navigation, strategy, critical thinking, and so much more. As i listened and watched the final game of Football AKA the Super Bowl i wanted to really understand the hype, so i looked at it from an angle of not a sports enthusiast but from an angle of strategy and reward. 
I learned a lot from this 2017 Super Bowl and walked away with a clearer understanding of the similarities sports has with art, work, living, and spirituality. 
The game started off well, both teams played anxiously with a hunger and excitement of being at the Super Bowl. Strategy started to take place and both teams were 0 - 0 for the first quarter, neck and neck, fighting all the way. Then we start to see some moves, points take place in the second quarter a score of 3 - 21 is on the board. the look of those numbers can be scary, but a true player stays in the game, regroups, navigates, concentrates, and works together. Third quarter comes and a few more digits are added to the score board 9 - 28, ouch!! This looks like an uphill battle but we all know if you want something bad enough you will claw, crawl, and climb the tallest mountain for it so, they push on! and the fourth quarter arrives with a 28 - 28 score, IT'S A TIE between both teams. As they look at one another, one hungrier than the other, they play right into overtime, they run, kick, jump, fight, pull, tug, hustle, fall, get back up, and put all their strength, will, skill and faith into that very last move..... TOUCHDOWN!!! 
They made it! down 28 points and they made a comeback as a team, the final score being 34 - 28 for the Patriots.
All this to say....
I may not know a lot about sports but i do recognize EFFORT, FIGHT, and WILL POWER and that can take you to the TOUCHDOWN OF LIFE! So play on Players, the Game of Life awaits YOU!!!
Love and Light,
Forever your Goddess Warrior


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