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Identify your feathers

One of my Spirit Animals is definitely a bird. I am constantly finding feathers in my path. Feathers in all colors, shapes and sizes. I am gifted feathers from friends and associates and love each and every one of them. They show up very randomly but always with a message. I know that Spirit sends them my way. I collect them, add them to my altars, tie them to my medicine drums, hair, clothing, jewelry. I feel close to my spirit animal when i carry them with me. I also bring them to healing and drum circles. 
There is a message to be shared with each feather found. The color, shape, shade... I always wondered if there was a significance to the color of feathers. I know about color therapy, color identity, and the color wheel but intuitively i knew there was something deeper to my found feathers and their significance. In my research to find out i found the image below. It identifies the feathers and their significance by color. I hope you will find it as enjoying and entertaining as i do. Feel free to share your found feathers and experience with me.
Thank you Melanie Beckler for the article
Until the next found feather and message!


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Don’t spread such stupid theories. There are no such things as spiritual birds. You cannot have an emotional connection with any other animals. It is normal that you find feathers in your path. There is nothing spiritual in that.

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Mia's Creative Closet Blog

Tuesday, March 21st

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