In and Around Town with Mia

A Mural by Mia

Art bridging the gap between NuyoRicans and Puerto Ricans from the Mainland to the Island. UNIDOS!Art and the Feminine Divine Uniting the Mainland and the Island, From NuyoRico to Puerto Rico preserving culture through the arts and removing the stigma of separation while creating unification. Three Artists…(continue reading)

An Evening of Poetry with Mia.. April 12 at 7PM

I always wondered,... what makes the world go round? Why do bad things happen?, why do we experience hate, heartache, pain and suffering?. Why do challenging days feel like the longest days on earth and why do we question ourselves?.  My philosophy is … Don't over think it and BRING…(continue reading)

Poetry Meets Art By Mia this April!!

Hello Spring Beauties!!! The Birds are singing, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining its warmth upon us!! April is JAM PACKED with all kinds of Art By Mia goodies so stop on by and get your creative juices flowing!!! Poetry... Yes i said Poetry.... I will be reading some of my creative writing pieces…(continue reading)

Mia Roman Reads Poetry at the iSessions event of the year!

I am honored to be invited to read and showcase my artwork at the iSessions event on April 12, 2013. Small intimate settings celebrating Art, Life, and Culture. Hope you will join us and spread the energy of life and the vibration of living it creatively. Join us for some Wine, Poetry, Art…(continue reading)

Art By Mia Oct ~ Nov 2012 NewZletter

Que Pasa Creative Creaters!!!   So much going on and always on Divine Time! October is not over... so much to do, see and share. As we shift from one season to the next, it’s like shedding old skin and growing a new layer. It’s new growth, a new beginning, fresh start and a new…(continue reading)