Art By Mia NewZ

Celebrate HeRevolution

Hello Lovies, It's March and one of my favorite months of the year... It's the month that the WORLD is celebrating HeRevolution, Woman, Women, Her, She.. yes... The GODDESS! I will be writing and sharing about the Evolution of the HER, the beautiful REVOLUTION of HER throughout the month. I…(continue reading)

In a Fumble... RECOVER

Blessings Lovies, This email topic will be odd for me to send, and maybe out of  many yard lines but inspired by sports... yes, i said sports and if you know anything about me... I am not well versed in sports except Boxing, Thanks to my Dad! ( a gift i can appreciate from him) So, my…(continue reading)


Hello Lovies, It's the month of LOVE so how about treating yourself to some SELF-LOVE with a unique holistic private session with Mia focusing on energy, balance, gentle touch, cleansing, opening, clearing, relaxing, and releasing. LET GO of what no longer serves your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT! Have…(continue reading)

The month of LOVE

HAPPY LOVE MONTH MY LOVIES!!! LOVE    LOVE    LOVE   With so much going on, with so much movement, with so many changes, pulls, tugs, pushes, shifts and broken promises, we need to DIG DEEP WITHIN OUR HEARTS and find a place of LOVE, a place of HEALING, a place of COMFORT…(continue reading)

Happy New Year - WE made it to 2017

HAPPY    NEW    YEAR   TO   ALL.....   We made it through 2016. Let's reflect on what we have experienced from it, the blessings that we received, the lessons we learned, and the junk we will leave behind!!!   I hope everyone had a smooth and relaxing transition…(continue reading)